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Kellco is a family owned and operated local painting company.  At Kellco, we believe that house painting is not just about making your house look good. Our goal is to provide superior customer service, and superior painting services. More info on all of our painting services.

Superior House Painting Services
As a painting contractor, Kellco has been serving the No. VA area for over 20 years. When we paint your home, we start with 2 main objectives: beauty, and function.  We want to create the look you desire, while also protecting your home from damaging enviromental elements. And while we are sure that you will become one of our repeat customers, we want to ensure that your paint job lasts.

It is All in The Details
That is why we take extra effort to pay attention to the details.  The durability of exterior paint is affected by many factors such as:  surface condition, existing paint materials, type of surface, weather, and sun exposure.  It is Kellco’s standard practice to prepare your painting surface by: sanding, priming,and caulking as needed. However, each project has its own set of circumstances. In order to acheive opitmal results, some projects may require additional prep work such as: paint removal, pressure cleaning, wood trim replacement, or other carpentry. As seasoned professional painters, we have the knowledge and expertise to assess critical circumstances, and apply appropriate techniques that will ensure your home’s exterior painting is both beautiful and functional. Contact us today to discuss your project or to schedule your free painting estimate .

The Cost of Painting Your Home
How much does it cost to paint your home?
The cost of your painting project depends on many factors: Is your home, wood, brick, or siding? Does the entire house need to be painted or just the trim? In what condition is the existing exterior paint? Are you sticking with the current color or are you ready for a new color? These are just a few of the determining factors.  Our estimators will assess all of these criteria and more to help you determine the best products, solution, and price for your project.
So whether you need painting for your entire exterior, interior of your home, or just a portion of your home, we can help.  Call Kellco today to schedule your free Painting Estimate.

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